Join us for the 10th Annual World's Only St. Paddy's Pickle Parade & Palooza
March 19-20, 2021

We're just here for a good time

What happens when you turn 40 and realize you're old enough to know better, but still young enough to get away with it? You gather your girlfriends and have a parade! Pickle Queens are the last to leave the party and the first to arrive. We have an opinion, know how to stand alone, but understand the power of an entourage. We appreciate men, love our kids, believe in our community and have to the confidence to laugh at ourselves at the end of the day.

Queen Amanda

Can’t dance, can’t sing, but she can talk 12 women into wearing red wigs and tiaras, so we don’t mess with her. And we’re kind of worried about what she’ll do next.

Queen Sheri

Good Queen Sheri has a bark bigger than her bite, but her bark is pretty big. She can take a float apart, wrangle a pack of Cub Scouts and line up a parade.

Queen Carmen

Graceful Queen Carmen is the accessory queen. Wherever she is, she’s sure to shine. Watch this bling queen shake her tailfeather.

Queen Jan

Our Queen Jan is a lady of many talents. From running a restaurant to mixing up a margarita, Queen Jan is there to do it with Texas style.

Queen June

Queen June can fry up a mess of pickles or ride herd on a rowdy crowd. Under that soft Southern exterior, she’s a steel magnolia with spurs.

Queen RT

She can decorate a house, whip up dinner from scratch, make a deal and manage the Pickle Playground, all with a big ol' Texas smile.

Queen Rhonda

Smart and witty, Queen Rhonda leads a respectable, responsible life, until she dons her royal pickle bling and takes her rightful place as the queen she is.

Queen Cindy

Sweet Queen Cindy is the nicest of us all, just wind her up and listen to her giggle.

Queen Lorie

This is one spicy Pickle Queen with a heart for animals and slinging beads.

Queen Priscilla

This rowdy queen can ride herd on a group of volunteers all day, then dance all night long.

Queen Gigi

Whether she’s wrangling a pickle-eating contest or a classroom of kids, this cool-as-a-cucumber queen has got it all under control.

Queen Beckie

With a big Texas smile and a heart to match, Queen Beckie is as pretty as a Lone Star sunset. But this cute little queen can pull on her boots and outwork every man in town.