Join Us for the World's Only St. Paddy's Pickle Parade & Palooza®
March 22, 2025!

We're just here for a good time

What happens when you turn 40 and realize you're old enough to know better, but still young enough to get away with it? You gather your girlfriends and have a parade! Pickle Queens® are the last to leave the party and the first to arrive. We have an opinion, know how to stand alone, but understand the power of an entourage. We appreciate men, love our kids, believe in our community and have to the confidence to laugh at ourselves at the end of the day.

Queen Amanda

Queen Amanda is the founder of the World’s Only St. Paddy’s Pickle Parade & Palooza®, and the creator of the Pickle Queens®. She dances like nobody’s looking, is only allowed one margarita (she had three when she came up with the parade idea) and always has room for one more person at the party. She loves her family, her pups and Mansfield, Texas.

Queen Carmen

Queen Carmen is the bling queen and can make anything sparkle and shine. This creative diva is an Original Pickle Queen and loves to ride her motorcycles. She’s equally at home on a Harley, a John Deere and a parade float.

Queen Cindy

If you’re sick, Queen Cindy may have the cure. Dr. Cindy has been a nurse practitioner for more than 24 years and loves to care for babies through teens. She has been heading up the Baby Parade for three years, and is a Mimi with five grandbabies. She is an Original Pickle Queen® and has served on the Pickled Mansfield Society® since it was formed.

Queen Jadzia

Queen Jadzia is the newest Pickle Queen and has dramatic flair. She loves helping her community, teaching elementary school and being with her fun family.

Queen Jan

Queen Jan is an Original Pickle Queen® and owner of the birthplace of the World’s Only St. Paddy’s Pickle Parade®. She loves the Lord, her boys and a cold beer. She’s full of class and sass.

Queen Karen

Queen Karen is the baby of the bunch. She knows all the right moves. You can find her on the Salsa dance floor, behind a camera or penning her thoughts. Her most favorite moments, though, are coffee chats with family and friends, where hearts are shared and life embraced. She believes life is a gift, and is excited about this new chapter alongside the fabulous Pickle Queens®. She is one sassy chica, a little more spice than sugar, but full of everything nice.

Queen Lorie

Queen Lorie is a spicy little Cajun, who loves spending time with family, friends, and especially her dogs, Remi and Jazzy. You'll see her wrangling people and dogs at the pet parade and on the front of the float slinging beads and dancing. She likes making and drinking Bloody Marys with LOTS of garnish and even makes her own mix. Don’t let her size fool you, she can manage a roomful of out-of-control dogs and train them into well-behaved pups. Her motto is "Be kind because words don't rewind.”

Queen Priscilla

If you need a helping hand, Queen Priscilla will be there for you. She's spent most of her life helping others, and turned it into a profession. She loves to dance, loves to help and loves to work with people. If you're looking for a party, Queen Priscilla has got one going on.

Queen RT

Queen RT is here for the party! She loves to dance, make friends and have a good time. Queen RT believes life is too short to take yourself so seriously. Enjoy your family and make friends wherever you go! She rules the Pickle Playground and is secretary of the Pickled Mansfield Society® board of directors. Watch for Queen RT on the Pickle Queen® float, she'll be the one with the big Texas smile!

Queen Rhonda

Queen Rhonda is a woman of many talents – herb gardening, jewelry making and slinging beads. She is an Original Pickle Queen® and the most grown up of us all. She’s a banker, a good mom and a fantastic Nana, but when she decides what she wants to be when she grows up, look out! So far she has ruled out astronaut, doctor, lawyer and shaman due to steep learning curves. Still open are poet, artist, crazy cat lady or entrepreneur. Queen Rhonda enjoys experimenting in the kitchen (but truly loves going out to eat), has strong opinions about wine and no tattoos – yet.

Queen Sheri

Queen Sheri is shy, retiring and quiet – HA! This formidable queen is in charge of the Pickle Parade® lineup, and if you have ever been lucky enough to be in the parade, you’ve heard her soft-spoken, delicate voice. On parade day, this tomboy shucks her jeans and flip flops and transforms into a royal diva. Queen Sheri is one of the Original Pickle Queens®, and treasurer and a charter member of the Pickled Mansfield Society® board of directors. Her best days are spent with her son, daughter-in-law, two grandsons and her Pop.