The Pickle Protectors

These guys have sworn allegiance to their queens -- the Pickle Queens. Wherever you find Pickle Queens, you'll find their official protectors, keeping the ladies safe and, well, protected. But these men are more than muscle. They haul pickles, toss beads, organize volunteers, recruit sponsors, coordinate vendors and keep the wheels turning for the World's Only St. Paddy's Pickle Parade and Palooza.

The Pickle Posse

The Pickle Queens attract a following, and -- like all popular celebrities -- run with a posse. The Pickle Posse includes the highly entertaining Pickle Dude, the diligent Pickle Protectors and select other insiders who help make the World's Only St. Paddy's Pickle Parade and Palooza the rockin' party that it is. The Posse also pitches in throughout the year in a variety of ways, allowing the Pickle Queens to focus on being awesome.