Here are some questions we answer regularly

Where Can I Park?

There are lots of places to park around Mansfield, but it's really important to know your options before you leave the house, to come early, and to have a back up plan in case your first choice is full. Parking is now available on the Main Street bridge and you can enter at Main and  Pleasant Ridge. You will also find spots at  Katherine Rose Park, R.L. Anderson Stadium, Geyer Field, Worley Middle School and Alice Ponder Elementary. See our MAP.

What Does it Cost?

Admission to the Palooza, with the exception of the Pickle Runs, is FREE! You may decide to purchase something at our market or something to eat or drink, but you can enjoy our event at no charge. Be sure to thank all of our wonderful sponsors for helping bring this event to you at no charge!

Are There Contests?

Sign up for our eating and drinking contests at the Pickle Queen Tent on the SE corner of Main and Oak streets. Contest times to be determined. We'll have:
- Mindy' Lu's Pie's Fried Pie Eating 
- Kendra's Kreations Pickle Juice Drinking
- Kendra's Kreations Pickle Eating

Are There Bands?

Yes! Our opening act is rockin' cover band Run 4 Cover. And we are waiting to sign the contracts on two amazing acts to follow. See your friends and family perform on the Camp Anothen Kids Korner Community Stage, too. ALL FREE!